Commercial Real Estate

Property owners and brokers need to know their centers better than anyone else.  Understanding a region is key to determining the likelihood that a center is going to pull shoppers from a particular neighborhood.  Commute and travel patterns play an important role in consumer decisions to shop and dine.  Without empirical data, it is difficult for landlords and brokers to provide insights into local consumer behavior to prospective tenants.  StreetLight InSight® provides analytics about where populations actually commute and shop, enabling a true trade area analysis of a location.

Use StreetLight InSight to answer questions like:

  • How has the opening of a new anchor tenant changed the composition of visitors to this shopping center?
  • How can I prove to prospective tenants that my mall attracts customers from throughout this region, not just those who live locally? 
  • Does the composition of visitors change over time?

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