WEBINAR: Introducing StreetLight AADT

What if you could access quality traffic counts in minutes - without putting your team into harm's way?

We think it could save you time, money - and headaches. That's why we're expanding our suite of traffic counts derived from Big Data.


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Discover how we re-engineered and improved our AADT algorithms to create significantly more accurate results. Our new release incorporates data from nearly 3,000 permanent count locations, advanced machine learning techniques and much more. You will find that our new 2017 AADT Metrics deliver much more than a fresh year of data.

This webinar features StreetLight Data CEO Laura Schewel interviewing Dr. Christy Willoughby, our lead AADT and normalization Data Scientist. They cover:

  • Step by step methodology
  • Our validation studies and results
  • Key changes and improvements over our 2016 AADT Metrics
  • Surprising findings and use cases from our clients and validation partners
  • Questions from the audience

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