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Big Data For Your Smart Cities Challenge Canada Proposal

March 21, 2018

Community leaders across Canada are preparing proposals for the Smart Cities Challenge Canada, which challenges “communities to improve the lives of Canadians through innovation, data, and technology.” That’s exactly what we do here at StreetLight Data. Now that I’ve joined the team as our first dedicated Canadian representative, I’m thrilled to share that we’re here to help – in a big way.

StreetLight Data will provide complimentary access to StreetLight InSight® for public sector representatives of communities drafting submissions in response to the Smart Cities Challenge Canada. StreetLight InSight is our on-demand platform for turning Big Data from mobile devices into traffic data analytics.

You can use this interactive web application to get real-world, actionable insights into travel patterns that can help you make your city smarter. Find out more and learn how to sign up for access in this blog post.

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Bringing Big Data for Transportation to Canada

February 27, 2018

Just a few weeks ago, I joined StreetLight Data as the company’s first dedicated Canadian sales consultant for the transportation industry. In many ways, this is the natural next step in my forty-year career as a transportation engineering and mapping professional. My experience spans the public and the private sector, and I’ve been honored to contribute to several of Canada’s most important transportation initiatives. From helping to plan the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward to creating the first turn-by-turn navigation maps of all for Canada, I’ve always dedicated myself to projects that make our country more connected and improve quality of life in our communities.

While the field of Big Data analytics is relatively new to me, I’m thrilled that my next contribution to Canada’s transportation practice will be focused on data. The lack of quality transportation data has been the missing link in so much of my work for the past forty years. I believe StreetLight Data has the right solution to this long-standing problem.
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