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Measuring Big Data’s Impact: Siemens SCOOT Adaptive Signal Control Technology

April 6, 2017

Note: This is a guest blog post from Wendy Tao, the Head of Business Development and Strategy of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Group at Siemens Mobility. Wendy helps communities develop Smart Cities solutions related to advanced traffic management systems, adaptive signal control, connected vehicles and multi-modal applications.

From Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to Massive Mobile Data, innovative technologies are tackling decades old challenges and creating new opportunities in the transportation industry.  And it’s not just an idea. We’re seeing significant impacts derived from in-depth evaluations on project performance and cost-effectiveness. Siemens recently partnered with StreetLight Data to measure the impact of a Siemens’ SCOOT adaptive signal control implementation in Ann Arbor, MI. Our empirical before-and-after study showed that SCOOT can reduce travel times by 10 to 20 percent. The study used archival navigation-GPS data from connected cars.

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