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StreetLight Data Expands Traffic Counts to Canada

Full story originally published by on July 11, 2019.   The mobility big data specialist provides on-demand traffic volumes for more than 4.5 million miles of Canadian and US roadway, based on 100 billion location points every month. StreetLight Data, the big data analytics mobility specialist that aims to help cities make better decisions over transport and infrastructure, has…
July 22, 2019
StreetLight in the News

StreetLight Data Can Now Help Cities Measure Bicycle and Foot Traffic

VentureBeat announces StreetLight Data’s new proprietary machine learning algorithm that can identify bikes and foot traffic as separate from motorized vehicles. StreetLight Data provides bicycle and pedestrian data to analyze where people travel to and from, at what times, and days. This data helps city officials, engineers, and transportation planners build cutting-edge infrastructure projects. The data can also reveal how…
January 14, 2019