Congestion Busting

Congestion is a drag - on the economy, on the roads, and on quality of life. Smart cities, regions, and states know that adding more capacity is not always the way. Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a powerful tool to address congestion and often reducing vehicle miles traveled (and associated greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum use) too.

StreetLight InSight® can deliver powerful analytics to help guide discussion and expenditures for TDM, and measure the effectiveness of policies/programs put in place.

  • Read this article about our congestion busting program in Northern Virginia.

  • Analyze the causes of congestion on a given road segment. Is it due to short trips? Long trips? Meandering trips? Trips that share the same origin or destination?

  • Analyze the impact of congestion (and of new policies) on total trip travel time, not just speed, on a particular segment.

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