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Download a Free Sample of StreetLight InSight®:Malls & Centers - Service Order Form

This free sample is for evaluation purposes only. It includes all the metrics available in a StreetLight InSight: Malls & Centers subscription for three sample malls. These metrics include:

  1. Neighborhood Shopper Score 
  2. Regional Shopper Score 
  3. Workplace-Centric Shopper Score
  4. Income Swing Score
  5. Breakdown of visitors' distance from home
  6. Breakdown of visitors' distance from work
  7. Top 10 Home ZIP codes for shoppers
  8. Breakdown of visitors' household incomes
  9. Breakdown of visitors' race
  10. Breakdown of visitors' education level
  11. Breakdown of visitors' family status
  12. Visitors' home blockgroups
  13. Visitors' work blockgroups
  14. Visitors' home neighborhoods as 1km-sq grids (shapefile)
  15. Visitors' work neighborhoods as 1km sq-grids (shapefile)

The sample comes as a .zip folder. When unzipped, it contains Excel files (for metrics 1-13) and sub-folders containing shapefiles (for metrics 14-15). Metrics cover an average, non-holiday season day. The term for this evaluation is three months. A readme file is included with more details, and we welcome questions at or via our contact us page.

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