What Share of Trips in US Counties
Are Pass-Through?

[Report] Curious about Impacts and Opportunities Created by External Trips?

See our expanded county-by-county analysis of pass-through trips in the contiguous US.

This informative report builds on our "Just Passing Through" Report, published in 2015. We've used new and more recent data and enhanced processing algorithms to create Metrics for pass-through trips, which are can be difficult to quantify precisely with traditional techniques.

You're encouraged to take advantage of this report to create new opportunities for your region's transportation plans.


Download the report to learn about:

  • The share of pass-through trips in your county
  • The impact of external-external trips
  • More cost-effective ways to track through trips for transportation planning
  • How external-external trips vary based on certain characteristics of an area
  • ...and more!

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