Ford Mobility and StreetLight Team Up on Transportation Safety

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Safety Ford and StreetLight

The nationwide increase in bicycle and pedestrian activity, combined with more vehicle speeding, has sparked a renewed focus on transportation safety. Safety is multimodal, and constantly evolving, and StreetLight has teamed up with Ford Mobility for a dynamic approach to safety analysis. Safety Solutions by StreetLight and Ford Mobility offers insights about high-exposure areas to help shift your safety initiatives from reactive to proactive.

Safety Solutions combines two powerful data engines: Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights and StreetLight InSight®. Safety Insights from Ford Mobility provides high-crash corridors and intersections, connected vehicle data such as hard-braking events, and countermeasures solutions. StreetLight InSight® provides extensive Multimode, Volume, and Origin-Destination Metrics.  

Run more analyses, including before-and-after studies, O-D, bike/ped, and more, with data overlays that paint a comprehensive safety picture.

Identify High-Risk Areas as They Develop

Transportation professionals usually rely on past crash data to identify high-exposure areas. But as mobility shifts — for example, to higher rates of bike and pedestrian travel during the COVID-19 pandemic — we need more than just crash data to tell the full safety story. 

Ford Mobility’s Safety Insights leverages near-miss insight from connected vehicles to help planners and engineers identify emerging hot spots before they manifest into crashes and problem areas, in addition to providing insights on historical crash hot spots. Because the platform includes aggregated and frequently updated data from connected Ford vehicles, analyses can identify high-risk areas based on driver behavior. Adding StreetLight’s Multimode Metric loops in bicycle and pedestrian movements along with vehicle travel, for additional insights into risky areas where different modes interact. 

Streamline Planning Time and Expense

With Safety Solutions, planners and engineers can visualize key data, then identify areas of interest, and finally simulate potential solutions. Normally this is a process involving multiple data sources, visualizations, and overlays, so streamlining it creates significant time and cost savings. 

Save time with fast insights and visualizations instead of consolidating and overlaying several data sources. 

Identify crash hotspots and simulate the estimated impact of countermeasures.

Dive deeper into hotspot areas and prioritize multimodal safety solutions.

Identify “fatal” or “serious” crash clusters

Use detailed reports and visualizations as a powerful community engagement tool.

Run before-and-after studies to analyze changes in travel behavior. 

Streamline the workflow to file state and federal funding paperwork.

This detailed safety data can populate agency reports, including: 

  • State safety reports
  • Volume metrics for safety funding initiatives
  • Vision Zero and Complete Streets funding initiatives
  • Support data for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) targets
  • Create vehicle miles traveled (VMT) estimates for HSIP safety goals

Successfully Piloted in Michigan, Safety Solutions Now Available Nationwide

Before unveiling this new, proactive approach to safety analyses, Ford Mobility successfully piloted the platform with 10 agencies in Michigan. As a bundled package, Safety Solutions is cheaper, faster, and easier than working with individual data sources.

Existing StreetLight InSight® subscribers can simply add Ford Safety Insights to their subscription, and can quickly get up-and-running using the full power of Safety Solutions. Contact us or sign up for our in-depth webinar to learn more. 

Dr. Laura Schewel is the CEO of StreetLight Data.