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Transportation Professionals

Use the StreetLight InSight web app to quickly transform Massive Mobile Data into accurate, comprehensive Origin-Destination matrices and Select Link analyses.

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Smart City

Improve quality of life in your community by using current, real-world mobility data to identify transportation challenges and project opportunities.

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Retail & Real Estate Analysts

Find true trade areas, understand demographic characteristics, and identify mobility patterns for your properties and your competitors' properties.

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How does Big Data Add Value to Transportation Projects?

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We Provide Insights For...

Transportation Engineers

StreetLight InSight is the only web app that makes using Big Data for transportation planning easy, intuitive, and cost-effective. You can:

  • Customize Metrics to meet specific project's needs
  • Easily integrate Metrics into existing transportation models
  • Get the mobility data you need in minutes
  • Iterate and experiment by modifying project parameters and re-processing results

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Property Developers

StreetLight InSight provides the mobility and demographic information required for data-driven commercial property development and retail site selection:

  • Get demographics for people who shop, drive by, or park at specific locations
  • Identify true trade areas, paths to purchase, and home and work locations for visitors to you and your competitors' properties

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Why Work With Us

Our Commitment to Privacy

StreetLight Data transforms Big Data into accurate, comprehensive, and precise mobility analyses for companies and governments while protecting individual privacy.

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