By: Editorial Team on November 6th, 2018

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StreetLight Data CEO to speak at National League of Cities Annual Conference


With traffic a top-of-mind issue across the country, city streets are ripe for innovation: Our roadways, curbs and sidewalks have become proving grounds for exciting technologies such as autonomous transit, dockless bike and scooter sharesand, of course, new forms of data collection.

That's a lot of innovation to squeeze into a few city blocks. How can private companies and local governments work together to accommodate it all? Find out at "Making Room for Innovation on City Streets," a session at this week's “City Summit” conference in Los Angeles, hosted by the National League of Cities. 

StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel will join Fred Dock, Director of the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation, to drill down on the impact of Big Data for city streets. They will share how the City of Pasadena is using StreetLight InSight® analytics to "make room for innovation" by measuring infrastructure performance, designing new transportation policies, calculating vehicle miles-traveled, and more. 

Get the full story from Laura and Fred from 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm on Friday, November 9 in the LA Convention Center, Room 515B. Click here to learn more about the panel discussion.