By: Laura Schewel on August 15th, 2016

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Our New Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight®

Big Data | Transportation

We're excited to share big news this morning: StreetLight Data just launched a new Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight®, our easy-to-use web app that transforms Big Data into useful mobility Metrics for transportation projects. Our new Regional Subscription offers unlimited StreetLight InSight analyses for one fixed price during the entire subscription period.

StreetLight InSight creates analyses of real-world travel patterns such as origin-destination matrices and select link studies in a matter of minutes. It's available for transportation agencies like DOTs and MPOs - as well as to the consultants and contractors that work with them.

Our goal is that our Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight will make collecting mobility data for every project - no matter how big or how small - easy and cost-effective. With accurate, comprehensive, and precise Travel Metrics based on trillions of data points just a few mouse clicks away, transportation planners, enginers and modelers can focus on diagnosing mobility problems, and designing the policies and infrasructure that our communities need to resolve them.

To learn more about today's announcement, check out our press release, and watch our demo videos here to learn more about StreetLight InSight. 

Ready to sign up for your own Regional Subscription? Contact our team for your own personal StreetLight InSight consultation here.

One Reply to “Our New Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight®”

  1. I would like to learn more about your new regional subscription to StreetLight InSight. We are a local City Government and the data/information would be very useful for planning and real-time operations. What type of plans do you have and what are the costs?


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