By: Laura Schewel on February 13th, 2013

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[CASE STUDY] Oakland Business Development Corporation

Case Studies

Company Overview

Oakland Business Development Corporation (OBDC) has a mission to increase economic activity and opportunity in the City of Oakland. The organization, founded in 1979, has played an important role in helping boost the city over the past 30 years.

OBDC.pngProving that Oakland is a crossroads for the Bay Area and ready for retailers.

While some neighborhoods have seen huge improvements, others, such as the Broadway Corridor in Downtown Oakland, lag behind in terms of economic resurgence. This area had nearly 400 vacant commercial properties as of early 2013. OBDC wanted to jump-start redevelopment of this corridor but was met with hesitation on the part of business owners, since the people living close to the area did not match the retailers’ target demographics. From a traditional analytic perspective, this part of the city had low potential.

The StreetLight Solution

Partnering with StreetLight Data enabled OBDC to prove that, in fact, the Broadway Corridor is a crossroad of the Bay Area. StreetLight InSight footprint maps showed clearly that people who live throughout the greater Bay region, including much wealthier parts, regularly come to Oakland to work, shop, and socialize. Seeing how visitors to different sections of the corridor shift by time of day and day of the week helped OBDC to formulate strategies on which types of businesses would be most successful in each area. StreetLight’s metrics are aiding OBDC in the recruitment of new restaurants, retailers, and companies to the corridor.

Read the full details of the project on OBDC's website.


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