By: Laura Schewel on January 4th, 2018

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Our 2017 Year in Review

It’s been an exciting year for StreetLight Data. From bringing on major new customers like Minnesota DOT and Ohio DOT to doubling the size of our Big Data sample, we have been on a roll. And that’s not all – we also added more than 25 new features and Metrics to StreetLight InSight®. In this blog post, I’ll share some of our top highlights from the last year.

One thing is certain: Our clients played a major role in all of our achievements this year. Thanks to everyone who championed StreetLight Data in 2017. We make it easy to put Big Data to work for transportation – but that wouldn’t be possible without feedback and support from our clients and partners.

Updates to StreetLight InSight

In the last year, our Engineering team has released twelve StreetLight InSight software updates, and each release has included new months of transportation data, new features, and, frequently, brand-new Metrics that our clients have been clamoring for.

Here are a few of the updates we’re most excited about:

StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT:

This Metric combines two types of locational Big Data to derive AADT counts for roadways in just a few seconds. We’re leveraging both Location-Based Services Data, which offers a large sample size, and navigation-GPS data, which offers great spatial precision, to estimate vehicle counts on corridors. It’s the first time any company has combined multiple types of Big Data in a transportation analytic.

AADT StreetLight Data.png

With our 2016 AADT Metrics (which are still in beta), you can get vehicle counts without sending your staff into harm’s way. As the graphic above attests, the results are excellent – and they’re getting better with each improvement to our algorithm. Learn more about validation work in our blog post announcing these Metrics.

Customize Your Data Period:

You can now analyze travel patterns for specific calendar dates - down to exact days - on demand in StreetLight InSight. We’re breaking ground with this update as well – it’s the first time a company empowered users to create transportation studies that focus on specific days on demand right on their computers, with no need to submit special requests.

Customize Data Period_170104.png

Customizing your Data Period to specific dates takes just a few seconds – it’s all part of the process in StreetLight InSight.

Visitor Home-Work Projects:

This StreetLight InSight Project Type provides the home and work locations of visitors to specific locations, and you can add on demographics and trip purposes, too. We’re excited about these new Metrics because they can add so much value to travel demand modeling.


Our Visitor Home-Work Analysis can help you understand special activity generators – and commute travel patterns - quickly and easily. The above heatmap shows aggregated expected home locations of visitors to the Denver Technology Center during an average weekday. The Tech Center is a major employment center for the city.

Segment Analysis:

Need to understand trips through a large number of different corridors? Our Segment Analysis is the ideal solution. Simply upload your road segment geometries as line segment shapefiles, then run a StreetLight InSight Segment Analysis Project in just a few clicks. You’ll get analytics for corridor congestion, trip speed, trip duration, and relative volume of trips in minutes.

Congestion Analysis 2-StreetLight Data.png

Just one of the many visualizations that are available with our Segment Analysis project. It helps you easily compare the relative congestion of different road segments at different times of day.

Project Sample Size:

Doubling the size of our Big Data sample in just one year was a major accomplishment – and it helped that we didn’t have to do very much to achieve it! That was basically the result of consumers increasing their use location-based services smart phone apps, and we benefitted. However, we know that sample size varies by analysis, and we wanted to make sure our clients had the information they needed to use StreetLight InSight Metrics effectively.

That’s why we introduced Project-specific sample size Metrics: For every analysis you run in StreetLight InSight, we will share the estimated number of mobile devices or vehicle trips that went into it. It was time for us to get transparent about the size of your Big Data sample, and we’re proud that we did.

Bringing On-Demand Big Data Analytics to Even More Transportation Professionals

There are now nearly 1,000 active users of StreetLight InSight – and it’s a testament to both our sales team and to the transportation professionals who are excited to innovate with Big Data.

Thanks to major partnerships with Ohio DOT, Minnesota DOT, major consulting firms, and other public agencies, we’re growing our user base more and more every day. With their valuable feedback, we’ve made the product improvements we’ve shared above – and we’re excited to do even more in 2018.

Growing Our Team

It wouldn’t have been possible for us to achieve all of this without growing our team, too. In just the last 12 months, we doubled in size – and we opened a brand-new office in Richmond, Virginia. Our new home base on the East Coast will help us support our clients more effectively – being on the same time zone makes a big difference. If you’re passing through Richmond, please be sure to stop by and say hello!

What’s Next

We’re not the kind of company that rests on its laurels – and that means there’s a lot more in store for StreetLight Data in 2018. If you’re attending the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC next week, stop by our booth (#374) to find out more. We’ll give you an exclusive demo of the features we’re currently developing.