UrbanFootprint and StreetLight join forces to support data-driven planning and transportation decisions

UrbanFootprint and StreetLight Data are partnering to bring powerful data, visualization, and scenario tools to cities and practitioners as they grapple with the increasingly complex urban mobility landscape.

Streetlight Data Logo
Streetlight Data Logo

The combination of UrbanFootprint – a cloud-based planning platform boasting the most comprehensive, parcel-level, land use dataset available – and StreetLight Data, the leader in big mobility data – provides a powerful solution for quick, easy, and repeatable transportation performance visualization and measurement, anywhere.

UrbanFootprint streamlines urban planning and mobility decisions. It is powered by nation-wide, standardized, parcel-level, land use information, along with a suite of integrated and customizable models, hundreds of curated environmental, socioeconomic, and mobility-related datasets, and intuitive mapping and visualization features.

StreetLight Data analyzes trillions of geospatial data points to produce powerful data that measures how pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles interact.

From traffic volumes to detailed origin-destination data, StreetLight Data is the top source for multi-modal mobility metrics.

Through the UrbanFootprint platform, StreetLight Data’s massive data core is easy for end users to manage, map, and analyze

Understand local traffic conditions, with road-level specificity

UrbanFootprint curates and maps StreetLight mobility metrics into actionable road segment and travel behavior data.

Evaluate baseline and future congestion, VMT, and multimodal activity

Analyze baseline and future transportation outcomes, calibrated with StreetLight’s empirical mobility data.

Observe travel patterns and their relationship to land use and urban form

Explore and map the relationships between StreetLight data and hundreds of UrbanFootprint reference layers.

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