Massive Mobile Data Analytics for Retail and Real Estate

Gravity models and traffic counts only go so far. Partner with StreetLight Data to use real-world data to understand who visits, shops at, and drives by almost any location.

Real-World Analytics for Site Selection and Property Development

We transform location data from mobile devices into Metrics that describe the groups of peoples' travel patterns. Our analytics are derived from Massive Mobile Data, which means they're comprehensive and cost-effective. Even better, they're at your fingertips via our easy-to-use StreetLight InSight® platform. Our Metrics include:

  • Visitors' home and work locations,
  • Visitors' Path to Purchase - that's where they come before visiting a site,
  • Visitors' travel distance - the number of miles they traveled to reach your site,
  • The home states and metro areas of the tourists that visit a site,
  • The relative volume of drive-by and parking activity at a site, and
  • Demographic insights into visitors, including income level, race, education, and family status.

You can use these Metrics to answer an array of questions for retail siting and real estate planning, including:

What is a site's true trade area?

How does the trade area change during different times of day?

Will this location cannibalize existing stores?

What is the demographic profile of visitors to my most successful properties?

How do my retail sites stack up against competitors?

How does performance vary across a fleet of properties?

The StreetLight Data Advantage

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