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Whether it’s climate, new mobility or safety, enjoy thought-provoking interviews on trending topics with StreetLighters and other conversation makers.

Mobility Podcast

Transportation Data and Privacy

How can Big Data change the way we plan? Can it be collected and used without violating privacy and consumer trust? Join StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel, SAFE Greg, Stantec Greg, and Shared Mobility Pete for answers to this and more at the 2020 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.

Podcast Thinking Highways

Laura Schewel Discusses StreetLight Data U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index

StreetLight CEO and co-founder Laura Schewel gives Kevin Borras insight into the meticulous methodology that underpins the company’s 2020 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index project.

Podcast What it Takes

Watt It Takes: The Startup Reshaping Mobility Planning With Data

How an energy researcher obsessed with electric vehicles stumbled upon a vast trove of transportation data and built a company that is reshaping infrastructure planning for mobility. Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch gets the StreetLight startup story from Laura Schewel.

Podcast Thinking Cities

StreetLight Data’s Laura Schewel Talks Smart Traffic Data with Kevin Borras

On the Thinking Cities podcast, host Kevin Borras talks with StreetLight CEO and Founder Laura Schewel. “Our mission is to help planners, states, counties and cities make better, faster and more cost-effective data-driven decisions,” Schewel explains.

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