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How To Guide: How to Use Local Calibration Data to Scale to Counts in StreetLight InSight® [BETA]

This tutorial will show you how to use StreetLight’s recently launched calibration feature to scale StreetLight Trip Index values to an estimated ADT for your project. To use this feature, you must have your own ADT or AADT calibration data for a road segment that is nearby the project study area.

We launched this feature to help our clients to bring in all the data that they have available into StreetLight InSight, and to help ensure that our clients can easily convert StreetLight InSight Metrics into the form that is most useful for their projects.  

Know that this feature is currently in BETA. This means we’re testing it out. You must request that this feature be added to your StreetLight InSight account by contacting our Support Team. We welcome your feedback so that we can improve, refine, and eventually move this feature out of BETA.

streetlight insight supportThis tutorial contains Supporting Files. To follow along, please click here to download the Supporting Files.

Step 1: Find Local Calibration Data

Step 2: Create Road Segment Zones and Append Local Calibration Information

Step 3: Create a Project Using Your Calibration Zone Set

Step 4: Download and Utilize Metrics

Step 5: Calibration Feature Pro Tips for Power Users

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