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How To Guide: Integrating StreetLight InSight Origin-Destination Metrics into PTV VISUM

This tutorial will show you how to use StreetLight InSight Metrics as an input for your PTV VISUM software.

Before you proceed, please note that this tutorial is designed for current users of VISUM. You must have a road network set up in VISUM to follow along. Also, keep in mind that you must use the same Zones in VISUM and in StreetLight InSight.

streetlight insight supportThis tutorial contains supporting files. Click here to download them.

Step 1: Export Your Zones from PTV VISUM

1a. The first step for generating Metrics for your model is to export your area Zones from VISUM. It is important to use the same set of Zones in StreetLight InSight as you use in your model. If you’re following along and using our Supporting Files, use the shapefile named “Portland Metro Tracts”. This is an export of Census Tracts in Portland, OR.

1b. If you would like to use your own set of Zones instead of our Supporting Files, you can export a shapefile from VISUM. To do this, go to the File menu in VISUM, click “Export,” click “Shapefile,” and select “Zones” – not centroids – using the checkbox. Save the shapefile to your computer.

Step 2: Create O-D Metrics in StreetLight InSight

2a. Upload the Zones shapefile you exported from VISUM as a Zone set in StreetLight InSight, or use the Portland shapefile in this tutorial’s Supporting Files.

2b. Run an O-D analysis project to obtain Metrics for that Zone set. (For instructions on how to run an O-D analysis, please click here to review our tutorial.)

2c. Once your project is running, contact to notify us that your project is currently running. Indicate the name of the project.

Step 3: Use a Version File to Open Your O-D Metrics in PTV VISUM

3a. Your assigned StreetLight account rep or sales engineer will provide you with a version file that you can open in VISUM within 7 to 10 business days. This file will be provided by email as a zip file.

3b. Unzip the file to a suitable location on your computer. If you’re following along, you can use the supporting file named “Portland_Metro.ver”. It contains StreetLight’s version file of the O-D Metrics for Census Tracts in the Portland Metro Area.

3c. Select the version file (if you’re following along with this tutorial, use the file named “Portland_Metro.ver”), and click "OK".

3d. Click "Save", name the pfd file appropriately, and then click "OK" to complete the project directory setup.

Step 4: Load O-D Metrics in PTV VISUM

4a. Next, click File > Open Version in VISUM (see below).

4b. If you’re following along with our tutorial, select the version file named: Portland_StL_Example.ver and click Open.

4c. VISUM will read the version file and import O-D Metrics (see below).

4d. When VISUM finishes this process, the version file with StreetLight InSight Metrics will load in a default network view (see below).

4e. That’s it – you’re done! You can now use StreetLight InSight Metrics for modeling in VISUM.

Pro Tips for Uploading O-D Metrics in PTV VISUM

1. When uploading the traffic analysis zones to StreetLight InSight, make sure that you’re using the same identifiers or names that you use in VISUM. This helps ensure an easy import when opening the version file.

2. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions! Email us anytime at or contact us here.

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