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How To Guide: Make an Origin-Destination Matrix in StreetLight InSight

This tutorial will show you how to easily create an Origin-Destination (O-D) Matrix using StreetLight InSight.

For this tutorial, we’re going to create an O-D Matrix for all the ZIP Codes in Madison, WI. We want a traditional “full” matrix, where the origin Zones are the same as the destination Zones, and we’re looking at the true origin and destination of each trip  - that is, where the trip actually starts and actually ends.

However, you can use the flow described here to create O-D Matrices where the origin and destination Zones are different from each other, and where the origin and destination Zones are road segments. 

streetlight insight supportThis tutorial contains supporting files. Please click here to download them.

Step 1: Designate Your Zones

Step 2: Create and Run an Origin-Destination Project

Step 3: View Results in StreetLight InSight

Step 4: Download Metrics

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