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How To Guide: Using the PTV VISUM StreetLight InSight Add-In for O-D Metrics

This tutorial will show you how to use the StreetLight InSight Add-in for PTV Group's VISUM travel demand modeling software. This feature allows modelers to easily use origin-destination matrices derived from Big Data in PTV VISUM travel demand models. 

Before you proceed, please note that this tutorial is designed for current users of PTV VISUM. To use this feature, users must download and install the StreetLight InSight Add-In for VISUM, and they must recieve an API Key from StreetLight Data.

Before you proceed, please request your API Key. This is required to use the StreetLight InSight Add-In. Ask our Support Team for your API Key by contacting us here or by emailing Once you have received recieved your API Key, download the Supporting Files below to follow along with this tutorial.

Note: For our tutorial on how to manually add StreetLight InSight Metrics to PTV Visum with a custom script, please click here.

streetlight insight supportThis tutorial contains supporting files. Click here to download them.

Step 1: Install StreetLight’s Add-in To Your PTV VISUM

Step 2: Login and Prepare File

Step 3: Use a Version File to Open Your O-D Metrics in PTV VISUM

Step 4: Pro-Tips

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