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How To Guide: Making Polygon Zones for Roads using StreetLight InSight

This tutorial will show you how to make Road Segment Zones for StreetLight InSight Travel Projects. This type of Zone is used for turning ratios, corridor studies, select links, and so much more. Think of a road segment Zone as a “gate” or digital sensor line that measures the volume of trips that pass through it.  

This tutorial describes how to create Road Segment Zones by drawing polygons or uploading polygon shapefiles. 

Click here for our tutorial on creating Line Segment Zones by uploading shapefiles.

streetlight insight supportThis tutorial contains supporting files. Click here to download them.

Step 1: Designate Road Zones using the “Draw” Tool

Step 2: Designate Interest in Trips Traveling in Just One Direction

Step 3: Ramps and Other Complex Road Segment Environments

Step 4: Uploading Shapefiles for Road Segments

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