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Traffic Diagnostics: A Congestion Busting and Travel Demand Management Tool

May 21, 2018

StreetLight Data's new Traffic Diagnostics tool is officially available for public agencies and engineering firms across the continental US. It's a game-changing new feature in StreetLight InSight®, our on-demand platform for turning Big Data from mobile devices into actionable transportation analytics. Watch our latest video blog from StreetLight Data's Laura Schewel to learn how Traffic Diagnostics can help you bust congestion with data-driven travel demand management solutions.

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The Congestion Analysis for StreetLight InSight®

February 21, 2018

Note: Since publishing this blog post, we have renamed the Congestion Analysis to "Traffic Diagnostics." 

“Big Data” is becoming buzzier and buzzier, but the adage “data is just a cost until you use it” is an increasingly common refrain. As the CEO of a transportation analytics company, I’m a true believer in the power of data. It frankly makes me sad to see so many groups investing in the idea of Big Data only to feel disappointed when they can’t get any useful information out of it. At StreetLight Data, our top priority is to help the transportation industry “put Big Data to work”.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the latest feature for StreetLight InSight (that’s our on-demand platform for turning mobile device data into actionable transportation analytics.) It’s called the Congestion Analysis, and it’s designed to help you put Big Data to work to solve traffic jams. Lots of tools (including your eyes!) can tell you where traffic jams are occurring. The Congestion Analysis can tell you why the jam occurs, and suggests data-driven ideas for the best long-term solutions.

The Congestion Analysis is very different from every other feature that we’ve introduced to StreetLight InSight because – and this may surprise you – all of the analytics it provides were already available in our platform. The change is how we weave the Metrics together to tell a story, making StreetLight InSight Metrics much easier to use for congestion busting in the real world of transportation planning, modeling, and engineering.
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Blog Feature

Big Data | Corridor Studies | Transportation

The Segment Analysis: A Better Way to Measure Corridor Travel Behavior with StreetLight InSight®

December 7, 2017

We’ve added a brand-new type of analysis to StreetLight InSight®: the Segment Analysis. This feature helps you measure corridor travel behavior faster and more comprehensively. In this blog post, we’ll show you how the feature works and walk you through three great ways to use it:

  • Diagnosing the Cause of Congestion
  • Multimodal Planning
  • Before-and-After Studies

For a demo of this new feature and more, watch our recorded webinar.


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