WEBINAR: Measuring the Impact of
ITS: How to Do It, and Why It Matters

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are key to Smart Cities. But the historic lack of evidence on ITS performance can limit funding and slow implementation. Today that's changing - and fast. Find out why from experts at Siemens and StreetLight Data.

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Hear from Wendy Tao of Siemens Mobility and Laura Schewel of StreetLight Data CEO about:

  • Why Siemens wanted up-to-date, real-world proof of the impact its SCOOT signals have on congestion and travel times,
  • How StreetLight Data helped Wendy evaluate SCOOT performance in Ann Arbor, MI,
  • What Big Data analytics revealed about SCOOT's positive impact in Ann Arbor,
  • Why these studies are valuable for transportation professionals and the communities they serve.

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Watch the Recorded Webinar