[WEBINAR] SEMCOG Travel Demand
Model: More Data Types, Better

Are You Using the Best Data Resources For Your Travel Demand Models?

In today's world, transportation modelers and planners can't rely on just one data resource for travel demand models - no matter how "big" it is. Find out how Sean McAtee of Cambridge Systematics got better results for SEMCOG by blending different types of data.

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Sean McAtee is joined by StreetLight Data CEO Laura Schewel on the one-hour webinar. They cover:

  • The types of data - Big Data and others - that went into the model,
  • The differences between two types of Big Data: Navigation-GPS and Location-Based Services;
  • The pros and cons of each data source used;
  • Why the best results came from using multiple data resources.

Watch now to discover why using the BEST data means using MANY types of data.

Watch the Recorded Webinar