AADT 2018 Is Ready Now!

Accurate daily traffic counts for 4 million miles of road, right on your laptop.

Try the Big Data alternative to transportation road sensors

Transportation's biggest mobility database, validated and accessible in seconds:

  1. 365 days of data from 65 million GPS and LBS location records

  2. Vehicle counts for 4 million miles of urban and rural roads

  3. Currently supporting 1000+ analyses each month

Unparalleled accuracy, validated and proven

  • Data validated with 2,527 permanent counters

  • R2 of .94

  • Both absolute and root mean square error rates exceed industry targets

Measure every road impacted by your projectsafely, quickly and affordably!

No staff in harm's way

100% safe alternative to manual temporary AADT counts

Counts available in minutes

Saves weeks on approvals, time needed to deploy manual counts


Consistency for all U.S. roads

One methodology to measure traffic counts in your county, state, other states

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