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We enable the smart transportation networks of tomorrow. Today.

We process trillions of geospatial data points to measure how pedestrians, bikes and vehicles interact. From solving congestion to deploying autonomous vehicles – our interactive platform empowers the smartest decisions you’ll make.


Measure mobility for any road or zone in a few clicks

With AADT, O-D analysis, turning ratios and other metrics, we accelerate transportation analyses and give you richer answers. No sensor deployment or survey collection — do it all from your desktop!

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Deploy the right infrastructure in the right place

Whether you're placing EV charging stations, building a bike lane, or rerouting an off-ramp, we help you plan — based on how cars, people, bikes and other modes interact in your geography!

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Use Big Data to manage New Mobility solutions

Our analytics turn new modes and mobility patterns into opportunities: Use real-world data to rally stakeholders, deploy better mobility solutions and measure the before and after.

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Multi-mode data for 5 million miles of roadway and 10 million blocks*

* 100% coverage of U.S. Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs)

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No sensors or surveys

We use smartphones as sensors and proprietary RouteScience® to interpret and illuminate how vehicles and people interact on our streets. No staff in harm’s way, just empirical data.

Our Data

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Self-serve mobility platform

It’s not a model, a report, or a static heatmap. It’s a self-serve platform that lets users ask mobility questions and get the answers within minutes. We think it’s revolutionary.

How it Works

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Accurate and validated

Used in all contiguous states, Canada and Mexico, our analytics have been validated against 1,000s of permanent counters. Review our vehicular, bike and pedestrian validation.



Mobility Data Fellowship

Spin, Ford’s electric scooter and micromobility subsidiary, has launched a year-long program to give select nonprofits use of mobility data to advance safer and more livable urban infrastructure. StreetLight is providing its multimode metrics for this program.


3000+ smart projects every month enabled by StreetLight

World's 1st SaaS platform for mobility measurement, with proven wins across government and private projects

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Case studies, urban and rural

Our data illuminates every road, bike path, park and neighborhood. Explore some of our success stories.

Fast and Accurate Congestion Analysis in Napa

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Virginia Bike Tourism: Measuring Economic Impact

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Quantifying Long-Haul Trucks on Florida’s Highways

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