Access real-world transportation data quickly, easily, and affordably with our on-demand analytics platform.

It's Easy to Put Big Data to Work for Transportation with StreetLight InSight

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Bring real-world transportation patterns to light with the best Big Data resources and processing software. You can use our StreetLight InSight® platform to:

  • Access customized, actionable transportation analytics via an easy-to-use web interface 
  • Answer "impossible" questions about travel behavior with comprehensive, empirical data
  • Do more with limited resources with data that drives performance-based planning 
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Unlock the Value of Big Data for Transportation

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Who We Work With

Transportation Professionals

Transportation Professionals

Get up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive data for planning, modeling, and engineering projects right from your computer. 

Smart City Leaders

Smart City Leaders

Our platform helps you identify the infrastructure and polices that will actually solve your most pressing transportation problems.

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Our Data and Technology


We're the only company that offers the best combination of Big Data resources along with easy-to-use, cloud-based data processing software. Learn why we're different. 

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