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It begins with Big Data

Every month, we ingest, index and process vast amounts of location data from connected devices and the Internet of Things, then add context from numerous other sources like parcel data and digital road network data – to develop a view into North America’s vast network of roads, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Route Science®, more data, and comprehensive validation

Next, our proprietary data processing engine, Route Science®, algorithmically transforms the inputs into contextualized, aggregated, and normalized travel patterns. We validate them using 1,000s of traffic counters and embedded sensors – and enrich them further using your own data sources, like transit ticketing or shared mobility data.

Bus Rail Chart

Result: multi-mode Metrics for millions of roads and Census Blocks

Route Science® then normalizes and aggregates the data into analytics, delivering unique insights into how vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and bus and rail passengers move on virtually every road and Census Block.

Accessible via StreetLight InSight®, the world’s first on-demand web platform for transportation, we let you analyze, visualize and compare the travel patterns in your neighborhood or across the country.

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