Traffic engineering and operations

From optimizing traffic signal timing to road construction to implementing traffic calming measures, successful traffic engineering and operations demand empirical data. The StreetLight InSight® platform supports several use cases.


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Congestion studies

Residents complain that cut-through traffic to a nearby urban center is causing congestion. But StreetLight’s analysis reveals that commuters working in the city are the true cause, prompting increased investment in transit and multi-modal options.

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Corridor studies

A city plans a yearlong construction project to add a transit-only lane to a major city artery. StreetLight’s corridor study helps identify who uses that corridor, so city officials can send extra alerts and detour information to those neighborhoods.


Emergency evacuation response planning

Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters put communities and towns with limited evacuation routes at high risk. Plan ahead by understanding the load on your area’s evacuation routes, and get residents to safety quickly.


Travel time and speed

Planners are studying peak drive-time congestion to find the optimal solutions. Using StreetLight, planners can calculate the reliability and speed of commute time on various routes, so planners can enhance the right commute artery to drive economic growth.

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Turning movements

An increasingly busy intersection is reported having a high number of incidents. Engineers can run a quick turning movements analysis in StreetLight to determine the optimal infrastructure solutions, such as adding a dedicated turning pocket, based on actual traffic volume, direction, and speed.

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Charged with a mandate to improve safety, a city’s officials must identify the most dangerous zones and corridors. StreetLight’s AADT metrics can help engineers calculate crash rates for all roads, all times of day, all days of the year.



A city is exploring ways to measure its emission rates. An analysis using StreetLight’s circuity metrics tells planners that many trips are circling while looking for parking in the downtown area, so providing more parking can shorten trips.

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