Plan your electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure better with mobility Metrics for site selection, utilization, and deployment

Maximize the benefits of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure for your region with StreetLight’s comprehensive mobility Metrics. Whether you need to access key mobility Metrics for site selection to guide the use of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program funds or you want to identify gaps in existing charging infrastructure, StreetLight has you covered.


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NDOT is working with Jacobs and its subsidiary, StreetLight, to apply for federal funding and to develop an EV infrastructure deployment plan that delivers sustainable, equitable mobility for the state of Nevada.

Mobility Metrics answer four critical questions about optimal charger placement

Scan your region to see which sites you should target first and gain insight on travelers: where they’re coming from and going, who they are, and how long they are staying.

1. What is the existing traffic demand?

Get traffic volumes by day part to highlight the most optimal sites for EV chargers.

2. What are the aggregate demographic characteristics of existing drivers at these sites?

View demographics including income, race, and trip purpose to capture the profile of current drivers at sites.

3. Where are vehicles coming from and going?

Identify origin-destination travel patterns and top routes of vehicles to specific sites to determine where the traffic demand is.

4. How long are vehicles staying at certain sites?

Access vehicle dwell time with custom trip distances to determine how long vehicles are stopping at potential charger locations.

Get data ahead of NEVI plan deadlines: Traffic demand Metrics prioritize sites for EV infrastructure

Get comprehensive data to guide the use of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program funds with access to StreetLight’s EV solution for site evaluation.


Meet funding deadlines

Get the prepacked insights you need to complete your AFC nomination reports and NEVI deployment plans on time.


Save time with key inputs

With EV funding deadlines fast approaching, you can save time by accessing ready-to-go insights to plug into your report.


Maximize access to funds

Utilize robust, high-quality Big Data transportation insights to help your reports stand out and increase access to funds.

STL Metrics

Transportation analytics power EV charging site selection and acquisition decisions

Identify prime EV charging locations along any corridor or highway exit by blending StreetLight’s mobility Metrics—including volume, trip distance, peak time, dwell time, and visitor versus resident demographics—with data such as vehicle registration information and electric grid data. Analyze and evaluate your EV infrastructure portfolio by merging your EV site location data with insights to conduct traffic impact studies.

STL Metrics
Laptop Dashboard

EV Dashboard identifies charging locations based on your objectives

Successful EV infrastructure planning depends on the needs in your region. Is improving equitable access to charging part of your mandate? Is boosting utilization? Or mitigating air pollution? StreetLight’s EV Analytics Dashboard optimizes charging locations accordingly.


Combine our mobility Metrics to evaluate the needs of local and long-distance travelers



Traffic volume, trip length, travel time, routing, Origin-Destination


Day of week, time of day, peak hour vs. non-peak hour

EV Charging


Charger locations, charger types



Inferred trip purpose, residency, income, education, and more

Volta partnership enables critical analytics for EV infrastructure planning

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StreetLight Data’s strategic partnership with Volta helps cities and regions design and deliver optimal EV solutions by leveraging combined analytics for the intelligent deployment of EV


EV Charger Site Selection in Silicon Valley

StreetLight’s empirical data informs a powerful dashboard that enables city planners to work with Siemens and StreetLight Data to visualize traveler demographics and major origins and destinations throughout this Silicon Valley city.



4 Ways StreetLight’s Metrics Inform EV Charger Site Selection

Review the ways StreetLight can inform your EV charging deployment: From macro- and micro-site selection to planning for grid demand and educating the community.


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