Build a climate-forward transportation ecosystem with data-driven analytics

Decarbonizing transportation is central to meeting our climate goals. To achieve this, you need data to understand where climate-focused infrastructure will have the biggest impact on emissions.

Accelerate EV adoption, transit, cycling, and walking – and put gas-powered vehicle usage in the rearview.


Measure and mitigate transportation emissions

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Analyze local vehicle emissions

Use StreetLight’s validated Origin-Destination (O-D) speed and VMT travel Metrics to pinpoint GHG sources and enable mitigation.

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Pinpoint mode shift opportunities

Get volume and trip length data across modes to measure where a shift to transit, cycling, and walking infrastructure can reduce VMT.

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Facilitate equitable EV adoption

Scan your region to gather traveler demographic and trip data and analyze routes to prioritize optimal locations for charging.

Vehicular big data greatly improves the spatial distribution of trip activity, which improves local emissions inventories and regional air quality modeling.

John Koupal
ERG Clean Transportation Group

Measure GHGs over time

Precise Origin-Destination (O-D) metrics, trip length, and traffic volume by vehicle class allow planners to pinpoint emissions sources and track progress.

Create safer cycling and walking routes

Top O-D cycle and pedestrain pairs and vehicle speed data inform route connectivity and road diets.

Combat congestion, reduce VMT, and encourage transit

Trip circuity and travel time captures VMT reduction opportunities. Train, bus, and last-mile metrics ensure optimized transit access.

Ensure EV chargers are where they're needed most

Identify high-priority EV sites based on travel, utilization, freight patterns, equity, and more.


Mobility analytics for emissions modeling

The state of Maine used StreetLight to study on-road transportation emissions and used the regional findings to develop mitigation strategies.



Closing connectivity gaps in Sarasota

To create a multimodal network, planners leveraged StreetLight’s O-D Metrics, overlaid with traveler demographics, to identify walking and cycling infrastructure gaps and improve route directness.



How data informs EV site selection

Learn about the 4 key ways StreetLight informs EV charging deployment, from site selection to planning for grid demand and educating the community.


Select analytics to deploy climate transportation policy

These analyses enable emissions reduction and inform mitigation strategies.

  • Vehicle volumes, segmented by class
  • Origin-Destination (O-D) analysis
  • VMT, trip length, travel time, traffic distribution
  • Bus, rail, bicycle, and pedestrain activity measurement

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