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With four years of data on more than five million miles of roadway, StreetLight Data’s  metrics offer endless transportation insights. Dive into our ebooks and research reports to learn more.



COVID Transportation Trends

StreetLight’s analysis of COVID transportation trends in 2020, including deep upheavals in peak commute congestion, VMT, bicycling, and what metrics to monitor now.

COVID Webinar

Top 5 Transportation Trends of 2020

Join StreetLight’s experts to learn more about the top takeaways from our Covid Transportation Trends eBook.

COVID 19 Map

Post-COVID Climate Impact

Four cities that have potential to keep lower VMT and preserve the environmental benefit of COVID-19 quarantine.

VMT Monitor

VMT Monitor

Get updated real-time traffic counts statewide, county by county, on StreetLight’s interactive VMT Monitor.

2020 Climate Impact Ebook

2020 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index

StreetLight ranks the country’s 100 largest metro areas on carbon-related transportation factors, including VMT, bicycle and pedestrian commutes, and circuity.

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Big Data for Transportation

Big Data for Transportation outlines best practices for how transportation planning data should be collected, prepared, and validated. Includes eight real-world case studies.

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