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With four years of data on more than five million miles of roadway, StreetLight Data’s  metrics offer endless transportation insights. Dive into our ebooks and research reports to learn more.


Featured research report

3 Steps to Winning Transportation Grants with Big Data

Ready to build an undeniable case for your next grant application? This guidebook focuses on digital transportation metrics used by successful applicants and provides a repeatable 3-step approach you can use – without deploying surveys or sensors.

Top 100 Cycling Cities

COVID Trends eBook: U.S. Bicycling Trends 2021 Update

Where does your city rank on our Cycling Top 100? Read our new research, that uncovers the latest “winners” and “losers” and explores why. The eBook includes our national bicycling heatmap to get you up to speed quickly.

All Roads All Modes

All Roads All Modes

Our Guide to the transportation data revolution explains how organizations are using transportation data to enhance sustainable, safe, and equitable travel.


Bike Safety Shift: Top 10 Riskiest States

Get a new perspective on bike safety and learn how to compare crashes to actual bike miles traveled instead of per-capita. We re-rank the Top 10 most dangerous, and safest, states for bicycling in the U.S..


A Year of Canadian Pandemic Travel

StreetLight’s Canadian pandemic travel analysis reveals where VMT recovered the most, recent changes to commuting patterns, an equity study, and more national, provincial, and city trends.


Measuring a Year of Pandemic Travel: Where Next?

Year-long pandemic travel analysis detailing where VMT is recovering the most, recent changes to commuting patterns, an equity study, and more national, state, and city trends.


Safety Data Handbook:
Practitioner’s Guide to Solving Transportation Safety

Our Safety Data Handbook shares key vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian data, and how to use it for safety initiatives including Vision Zero, Complete Streets, MIRE requirements, and workplace safety.


Walk This Way: New Data for Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety data analysis reveals unexpected nationwide shifts in pedestrian travel, a fresh way to evaluate increased exposure, and an example of using this data in Orlando, Florida.


2020 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index

The 100 largest metro areas in the U.S. ranked by best and worst transportation impact on greenhouse gas. See where your city succeeds, where it can do better, COVID-19’s effects, and the data to measure it.


Measuring Fall 2020’s Bicycle Renaissance

Learn where the great COVID “bicycle renaissance” is likely to hold beyond the pandemic: where bike activity remains strong, the sharpest drops in bike ridership, and where summer peaks are now dipping.


COVID Transportation Trends

StreetLight’s analysis of COVID transportation trends in 2020, including deep upheavals in peak commute congestion, VMT, bicycling, and what metrics to monitor now.


Post-COVID Climate Impact

Four cities that have potential to keep lower VMT and preserve the environmental benefit of COVID-19 quarantine.

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VMT Monitor

Get updated real-time traffic counts statewide, county by county, on StreetLight’s interactive VMT Monitor.


2019 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index

StreetLight ranks the country’s 100 largest metro areas on carbon-related transportation factors, including VMT, bicycle and pedestrian commutes, and circuity.

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