Put away the surveys and bluetooth sensors. Get O-D with the click of a button.

Understand travel patterns between origins and destinations for vehicles, trucks, bikes, or pedestrians, and identify the most prevalent trip routes. From basic Origin-Destination studies to more complex Select Link analyses and matrices, StreetLight has you covered.

  • Origin-Destination
  • Select Link
  • Trips to or from Pre-set Geography
  • Top Routes

With StreetLight we get more data at finer resolution for 1/3 the cost. And we can get an answer in 30 minutes

Josh Johnson, Sr. Traffic Engineer, HDR

Reinvent the way you do O-D. Get it faster, and cheaper, directly from your computer.

Select any zone or roadway and analyze where travel ends or originates. Analyze all routes between two cities, a downtown and a bridge, or between specific intersections. Customize your O-D locations — office campus, park, or shopping center. Select any day of the week and time of day.

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Skip manual, time-consuming TMCs and get on-demand turning movement counts

Get the volume of different intersections in a matter of minutes. Identify if an intersection needs a new or updated traffic light, without putting an employee in harm’s way.

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Analyze traffic from one location to another for highway interchange or corridor studies, all from your computer

Use StreetLight InSight® to understand intra-regional travel patterns for trucks and vehicles. Our O-D Metric can help you prioritize highway redesign to deal with congestion, or identify ways to phase different infrastructure projects.

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Get metrics to develop and calibrate your travel demand models without relying on outdated information

Whether you are developing or calibrating a travel demand model for a region or a whole state, quickly access StreetLight Metrics to diagnose areas where mitigation tactics will have the most impact.



On-demand O-D Metric leads to cost-effective congestion management

See Sarasota’s data-backed active transportation plan that guided decisions and funding for transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities.

Learn how they used StreetLight’s O-D Metric to run a Big Data analysis that helped them save money over a traditional (and pricey) bluetooth or license plate O-D study.



How non-traditional O-D analyses helped Uber Air optimize site locations

Learn how Uber used StreetLight to capture all traffic on Los Angeles roads, and determine where to locate aerial ridesharing hubs in LA.


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