Methodology and validation studies

Learn about the methodology behind sourcing, analyzing, and converting our data into useful metrics. Our validations and those from independent third parties confirm the reliability of our location-based services (LBS)-data derived Metrics for transportation applications.

Our most popular methodology and validation reports

StreetLight Methodology

StreetLight Data Sources and Methodology


StreetLight AADT 2022 U.S. Methodology and Validation

Bicycle Volume Methodology

Bicycle Volume Methodology and Validation

All Vehicles Volume

All Vehicles Volume U.S. Methodology and Validation


Browse a sample of our third-party validations


Estimating Turning Movement Counts from Probe Data

CDC logo

Using StreetLight to Monitor Walking and Cycling Activity


StreetLight’s Origin-Destination Data Validation

Texas A and M

Accuracy of Probe-based AADT Estimates in Border Regions


Speed Methodology and Validation

StreetLight’s speed white paper outlines the methodology used to derive speed metrics and the validation results obtained when comparing Big Data speed metrics with permanent traffic detector data.

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Truck Volume Methodology and Validation v3

Truck Volume Methodology and Validation

StreetLight’s Truck Volume is categorized based on vehicle weight classification, utilizes new machine learning algorithms, and meets industry accuracy benchmarks across vehicle categories and road types. Read the white paper for detailed methodology and validation behind the Metrics.

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Pedestrian Volume

Pedestrian Volume Methodology and Validation

See how StreetLight’s upgraded Pedestrian Volume estimates are validated to analyze pedestrian activity across time.

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All Vehicles Canada Volume Methodology and Validation White Paper

Our white paper shares technical details about new and improved methodology, algorithm, and validation devised to produce enhanced vehicle estimation for Canadian roadways.

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turning movements cover

Intersection Turning Movement Counts 2021 Methodology and Validation

Dive into the validation study comparing StreetLight’s Turning Movement Counts Analysis Volume Metrics against conventional sensor turning movement counts.

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StreetLight AADT 2019 and 2020 Canada Methodology and Validation White Paper

StreetLight’s white paper documents improvements to AADT Canada methodology and Metrics, which enable organizations to quickly and easily access more reliable 2019 and 2020 traffic counts for virtually every road across Canada.

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StreetLight Speed Validation

StreetLight Speed Metrics Validation for Speed Distributions and Percentiles (2021)

See how StreetLight’s 85th percentile Speed Metric stacks up to published speed data from Washington and California agencies.

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Bus Rail PDF Cover

Bus and Rail Metrics Methodology and Validation

Get the data sources, methodology, and validation behind StreetLight Data’s Bus and Rail Metrics, now included in our Multimode subscription.

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Larger Samples

Larger and More Representative Sample Size

See how the Location-Based Services (LBS) data that drives the StreetLight InSight® platform has an equitable and representative sample size across the country.

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StreetLight SB 743 Metric Methodology and Validation

See the data sources, methodology, and validation processes StreetLight used to develop a set of VMT measurements to address California Senate Bill 743.

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VMT Monitor Whitepaper Cover Page

StreetLight VMT Monitor Methodology and Validation White Paper

This white paper outlines our motivation, methodology, and some validation results for StreetLight Data’s daily Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Monitor.

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Travel Surveys White Paper Cover Image

Enriching Household Travel Surveys with Big Data Metrics

Travel surveys are best at capturing subjective, not objective, information. Learn how Big Data gathers fast and accurate measurements for transportation studies.

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