Methodology and validation studies

We believe in transparency about our process. Learn more about where we source our data, our process for analyzing it and converting it into useful metrics, and the validation studies that support its accuracy.

SB 743 cover

StreetLight SB 743 Metric Methodology and Validation

See the data sources, methodology, and validation processes StreetLight used to develop a set of VMT measurements to address California Senate Bill 743.

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VMT Monitor Whitepaper Cover Page

StreetLight VMT Monitor Methodology and Validation White Paper

This white paper outlines our motivation, methodology, and some validation results for StreetLight Data’s daily Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Monitor.

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AADT Canada White Paper

StreetLight AADT 2019 Canada Methodology and Validation White Paper

When you’re looking for up-to-date AADT counts in your Canadian provinces, turn to StreetLight to get quick, easy, cost-effective AADT measures. Our 2019 metric is an update to our previously released 2018 metric, and it continues to outperform industry-standard accuracy targets.

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AADT 2019 White Paper Cover

AADT 2019 Methodology and Validation

StreetLight Data developed an accurate AADT for over four million miles of urban and rural roadway in the U.S. that outperforms industry-standard accuracy targets and can be used by industry practitioners for traffic impacts studies and more.

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Multi-mode Whitepaper Cover

Multimode Methodology and Validation

We are transparent about sharing the methodology for deriving our active transportation metrics, and the validation supporting the data. Learn how our metrics focus on commuter and household travel rather than fitness travel

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Methodology and Data Whitepaper Cover

Our Methodology and Data Sources

This white paper describes the data sources and methodology employed by StreetLight Data to develop travel pattern metrics.

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Traffic Volume Methodology and Validation White Paper

Our white paper shares technical details about the methodology, algorithm development, validation, and data sources used in our traffic Volume output.

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Turning Movements White Paper Cover Image

Turning Movements Validation White Paper

Using StreetLight InSight® to calculate turning movement ratios, focusing on validation of unique, Big-Data derived travel pattern analytics against publicly available turning movement ratios derived from traffic counts.

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AADT 2018 + Canada White Paper

Learn more about technical details about the methodology, algorithm development, validation, and data sources used in StreetLight Data’s AADT 2018 + Canada metrics.

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Travel Surveys White Paper Cover Image

Enriching Household Travel Surveys with Big Data Metrics

Travel surveys are best at capturing subjective, not objective, information. Learn how Big Data gathers fast and accurate measurements for transportation studies.

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Active Transportation Metrics: Methodology and Validation

A brief summary of StreetLight’s active transportation metrics, methodology, and validation.

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