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StreetLight InSight® Metrics are adding value to hundreds of projects across the US and Canada. Our clients represent the world's leading engineering and planning firms. From long-range transportation planning to detour routing, StreetLight InSight provides the mobility data you need for nearly any transportation project. Read our Success Stories to learn more:

[CASE STUDY] Transportation Demand Management in VA

Northern Virginia (NOVA) has tremendous traffic congestion, but limited room to expand highways. Learn how Big Data helped.

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[CASE STUDY] Integrated Analysis to Analyze Viewership

This analysis was done in conjunction with our friends at MotionLoft. Thanks to them and the team at Great Wall of Oakland.

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[CASE STUDY] Fehr and Peers

See how StreetLight Data helped Fehr and Peers make better-informed decisions with Big Data analytics.

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[CASE STUDY] San Diego Association of Governments

StreetLight provided “before and after” metrics, which analyzed relative shares of traffic on both roads before the toll reduction …

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[CASE STUDY] US Green Building Council

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) and StreetLight Data teamed up to study the use of aggregated, anonymous cellular …

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[CASE STUDY] Veggie Grill

"Customer behavior in the trade area is more relevant to the site selection decision than just the daytime population," …

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