Traffic Planning Metrics for transportation Planners

The StreetLight Insight® platform provides planners with mission-critical Metrics. Used by thousands of professionals in all contiguous United States and Canada, it’s an indispensable tool for a variety of planning use cases.


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Active mode analytics (bike and pedestrian)

A large city needed areawide travel data to estimate demand for new infrastructure. Using StreetLight, planners captured volume and destination zones of vehicle trips. This helped planners forecast the share of vehicle trips that could be converted to transit and active transportation modes.

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Before-and-after studies

A city placed travel restrictions on highway ramps in order to better manage cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods. When residents questioned whether or not the measures helped, StreetLight’s before-and-after metrics provided empirical proof that congestion on local streets was reduced by 33%.

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Congestion studies

Looking for creative ways to mitigate commuter traffic, planners ran a StreetLight analysis that identified the main office park locations and commuter routes for peak-time travelers. Planners used the metrics to get buy-in from businesses to add employee shuttles.


Event and tourism studies

Two cities partnered to connect via a long-distance bike trail. Once implemented, StreetLight’s analytics showed that 50% of trail users were tourists from outside the region, helping the cities quantify economic impact.

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Freight studies

A Department of Transportation wanted to make highway improvements to optimize travel for freight arriving and departing from the region’s largest port. StreetLight’s analysis highlighted the most-traveled routes for port trucks, supporting a $1-billion investment.

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Infrastructure prioritization

A Department of Transportation wanted to prioritize projects for supporting multimodal commutes across the state. StreetLight’s analysis identified statewide walking and biking activity patterns for determining the best locations for bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and more.

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First and last mile studies

Planners aimed to enhance first- and last-mile infrastructure by better connecting bike and pedestrian travel to a transit hub. StreetLight’s metrics identified the most-used and highest-potential roads for adding both bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.


Transportation Modeling

A city faced growing congestion and objectives to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Using StreetLight, planners analyzed road segments to diagnose areas where mitigation tactics, such as shuttles and transit, could have the biggest impact.

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Transportation demand management

A city had growing congestion but limited room for highway expansion. StreetLight InSight® enabled analysis of hundreds of road segments to diagnose areas where shuttles and transit could have the biggest impact.

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