Who We Are

At StreetLight Data, we bring real-world travel patterns to light. Just as streetlights illuminate our roadways at night, StreetLight Data creates analytics that shine a light on mobility behavior.  We aim to transform urban planning, transportation infrastructure design, business, and research with the power of data. With our analytics, communities can design public spaces and transportation systems that are more efficient, effective, sustainable, and safe.

Did You Know?...

Wabash, Indiana became the first city to illuminate its streets with electric lights in March 1880. Despite public opposition, the town council replaced the city's gas lights with electric ones because they were more cost-effective.1

1Source: Tocco, Peter. "The Night They Turned the Lights On in Wabash." Indiana Magazine of History, December 1999, 350-63.


Our Mission

Our mission is using Big Data to understand travel patterns easy, intuitive, and affordable. Through our pioneering approach to the use of location data, we will:

  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum use in vehicles, especially by reducing miles driven.

  • Improve transportation access and equity.

  • Improve quantity and quality of in-store commerce for retail clients.

  • Improve quantity and quality of in-store commerce for retail clients.

  • Equip small and medium businesses with analytic tools that are affordable and easy to use.

  • Create a new source of knowledge about how people use cities and make that knowledge available to researchers.

Our Story

StreetLight Data was founded in 2011 by Laura Schewel, a sustainable transportation expert who recognized that, while excellent data exists on people's online and e-commerce activity, there is virtually no information about how people commute, shop, and travel in the real world. Given how important transportation is for climate change, quality of life, pollution, equity, and the economy, this situation seemed absurd to Laura. At that time, she was developing new technologies and data approaches for transportation data as part of her PhD at UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group.

Laura founded StreetLight Data because she realized that commercializing her research techniques could unlock barriers to data-driven transportation, urban design, and commercial planning. In 2011, co-founder Paul Friedman joined the team, bringing deep experience in creating commercial data products. He solidified the company’s product offering and technical approach.

Did You Know?...

Driving-for-shopping is nearly 30% of miles driven in the U.S., but very few transportation analyses or planning programs deal with this type of driving. Our Metrics make analyzing these types of trips possible.

StreetLight Data Milestones

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May 2011

StreetLight Data is founded, and secures seed financing from Vision Ridge.


September 2011

Co-founder Paul Friedman joins team and helps solidify StreetLight's product offering and technical approach.


May 2012

StreetLight Data wins IBM SmartCamp NYC. Click here to read the story.


August 2012

StreeLight delivers first prototypes of StreetLight InSight Metrics reports.


September 2012

StreetLight's first full-time employee, Kara Selke, our VP of Privacy, joins the team. She is quickly followed by Catherine Manzo, Senior Director of Sales and Customer Engagement.


April 2013

StreetLight secures seven-figure Series A financing from T-Venture and Vision Ridge. Click here to read the story.


May 2013

CEO Laura Schewel recognized as International Transport Forum’s Young Researcher of the Year. Click here to read the story.


August 2013

CEO Laura Schewel named to MIT Technology Review’s annual 35 Innovators under 35. Click here to watch her presentation.


March 2014

StreetLight launches beta of the StreetLight InSight platform.


April 2014

StreetLight VP of Privacy Kara Selke is named a Privacy by Design Ambassador. Click here to read the story.


June 2014

Nokia Networks names StreetLight Data the “Most Promising Start-Up” at its Open Innovation Challenge Event. Click here to read the story.


January 2015

StreetLight Data brings the StreetLight InSight platform out of beta and into the market.


August 2015

StreetLight Data CEO speaks at TEDxSacramento Salon. Click here to watch her presentation.


September 2015

StreetLight Data publishes the first comprehensive, national report on pass-through trips in every US county, "Just Passing Through." Click here to download the latest edition of the report.


March 2016

StreetLight Data secures 7.5M in Series B financing by bringing on new investors, ENGIE New Ventures and Osage University Partners. Click here to read the story.


September 2016

StreetLight partners with Cuebiq, an SDK provider, expanding its device sample size to over 35M devices, including 30M devices in the U.S. – that is about 10% of the adult U.S. population. Click here to read the story.


October 2016

PTV and StreetLight Data team up to integrate Big Data with transportation modeling and forecasting software. Click here to read the story.


November 2016

New StreetLight InSight® Calibration Feature: Use Local Data to Estimate Vehicle Counts. Click here to read the story.


March 2017

We launched our Consultant Subscription to StreetLight InSight. Click here to read the story.


July 2017

We announced that in just one year, our sample size doubled thanks in large part to the growth of Location-Based Services use among smartphone users. Click here to read the story.


September 2017

Ohio Department of Transportation selects StreetLight Data for transporation data and begins using a Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight. Click here to read the story.


Ready to Get Started?

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