Get more data, at finer resolution, for 1/3 the cost

StreetLight InSight® lets you bypass the time and expense of data collection and calibration, delivering multimode traffic counts, O-D, turning movements and other metrics you’re used to — right on your desktop, in a matter of minutes.

Agencies save millions every year working with StreetLight, able to redeploy time and resources from data collection to managing transportation.


48-hour tube counters vs. StreetLight counts

We compared the cost of deploying 48-hour vehicular tube counters at 100 locations, assuming a typical 20% processing cost — to StreetLight InSight® “Lite,” our easy onboarding package. Select the number of zones or intersections you need and start counting, without deploying any personnel in the field.

1. $310 for one 48-hour tube count at one location, multiplied by 100 locations
2. 100-zone StreetLight InSight® “Lite” subscription

Traffic Counts vs StreetLight

Signalized turning movements vs. StreetLight TMC

We compared the cost of performing a 48-hour Signalized TMC analysis at 10 intersections, again assuming a 20% processing cost — to StreetLight InSight® “Lite.” Our state DOT clients routinely use StreetLight for 100 intersections and more, where the savings really start to add up.

1. $1,320 for a 48-hour Signalized TMC analysis at 1 intersection, multiplied by 10 intersections
2. 100-zone StreetLight InSight® “Lite” subscription

Turning movements vs, StreetLight

Bluetooth Origin-Destination analyses vs. StreetLight O-D

Many states or MPOs purchase Bluetooth devices to collect data for the analysis of origin-destination. It takes time to deploy, and O-D analysis is limited to equipment locations. StreetLight InSight® has no such limits and costs a fraction.

We compared the cost for 24-hour Bluetooth collection analysis for 10 corridors vs. a 365-day O-D study in StreetLight to arrive at 91% savings.

1. $11,000 for a 24-hour Bluetooth collection analysis for 1 corridor for 1 day assuming a 10% processing cost, multiplied by 10 corridors
2. Cost of 50-zone StreetLight InSight® subscription for 365 days

Bluetooth OD vs StreetLight

  STREETLIGHT InSight® “Lite”  

The fastest way to get started

Our “Lite” COVID-19 Response package provides “typical conditions” metrics for all vehicles (AADT, Volume, O-D and Zone Analysis) to help you move forward with turning movements, intersection studies and traffic studies, despite the pandemic.

Get empirical data with virtually a few clicks — without deploying personnel or waiting for normal traffic to return. Contact our team and get started today. Larger enterprise subscriptions are also available.

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