Managing the growing complexity of multimodal travel requires empirical data

StreetLight InSight® measures all major modes, providing a wealth of insights traditionally reserved for vehicular traffic — including origin-destination analytics, routes taken, trip attributes like speed, distance and duration — all on demand for specific dates and times of day.

Active modes: bicycle and pedestrian

Identify where active transportation happens most, target where investments can boost activity, and measure the impact of your decisions. Use our demographics and trip purpose data to measure access to affordable options. Study route alternatives to evaluate success of current infrastructure.

We invite you to explore our active mode metrics, case studies and validation.

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Transit modes: Bus and Rail

Access on-demand Bus and Rail Metrics to help augment surveys and prioritize projects. Measure boarding and alighting at a bus stop or rail station for commute planning analyses. Identify the most popular O-D pairs in transit networks. Layer on demographic data, and understand ridership demographics for social equity analyses.

Check out how our validated Transit Metrics can help you tackle your next transit project.

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Electric Vehicles (EV)

Looking to understand how much EV activity is happening in your region? Get the data you need to prioritize sites for EV charging infrastructure and more.

Analyze electric vehicle trip patterns, where most EV trips start and end, travel patterns relative to plug-in hybrid and gas-powered trips in order to prioritize sites for EV charging infrastructure.

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Personal vehicles

Go beyond what you thought was possible. AADT, turning movements, or weave analysis used to take months of data collection and analysis. We pioneered Big Data analytics for car travel to help you produce your analysis in minutes — and spend your time solving ever bigger problems.

Travel demand management, congestion and corridor studies — we invite you to explore these and other use cases StreetLight InSight® was built for.

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Ride hailing and delivery

Understand how “gig” driving interacts with congestion in your city, zero in on demographics and transit ridership. Derive the traffic penetration of ride hailing and delivery vehicles on individual streets, on desired days or time of day — and use empirical data to influence the public debate.

We can help you measure the way ride hailing interacts with social justice, safety, climate, and VMT — not just congestion. Contact us to get started.


Truck trips

Identify routes trucks take to reach key destinations, measure truck traffic percentages on key roads, and get visibility into rest stop locations, both authorized and unauthorized. From demand modeling to vehicle routing and environmental regulation planning, we can help you solve your biggest freight-related challenges.

We invite you to review our customer case studies to see StreetLight’s truck data at work.

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