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What to expect from the world’s only interactive transportation data platform

StreetLight InSight is not a model, a report, or a static heatmap. It’s a self-serve platform that lets users ask mobility questions and get the answers within minutes. We think it’s revolutionary.


The basics: mobility metrics for any road in a few clicks

Place a gate on any road — or 50,000 roads or more — and get comprehensive data for trips passing through each gate. AADT traffic counts, average travel distances, top origins and destinations are a few clicks away, saving our customers 1,000s of hours in data collection and modeling.

Analyze traffic between geographic zones of your choice

Select locations or draw your own “zones,” and analyze travel patterns between them. For cohorts of trips that originate in, have destinations in, or pass through the zones, get a wealth of metrics — average trip speed, duration and distance, major concentrations of commute, shopping and other trips. These metrics and more help our customers understand transport corridors without data collection or surveys.

Diagnose and solve complex transportation problems virtually on the fly

StreetLight InSight consolidates and visualizes complex multi-mode traffic patterns, helping our customers surface congestion mitigation tactics and tackle New Mobility planning goals. With on-demand historic data for before-and-after comparisons, StreetLight is a powerful validation tool for your initiatives — empirical findings, visualized, and ready to share with your constituents.

How complex?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame uses StreetLight to optimize parking. Napa Valley uses it for long-term planning. The city of Toronto uses it to inform transit and bike network expansion.

With on-demand metrics for 5 million miles of roadway and 10 million Census Blocks, you’ll answer transportation questions you didn’t know you could ask.

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Anticipate and plan for special events
Identify underserved areas
Optimize bike and pedestrian infrastructure
Optimize freight travel
Accurately prioritize spending

Start with the metrics

 Explore AADT, Origin-Destination, traveler demographics and more


Explore transportation solutions

Solve congestion, plan for special events, improve freight and more


The world is talking

Read the press

StreetLight Data… one of the prime players powering the so-called smart cities movement by crunching Big Data about city streets.

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