Transportation Planning Success Stories from Smart Cities | StreetLight InSight®


Find out how Siemens Mobility measured project performance cost-effectively and accurately with our Metrics.

"With StreetLight InSight, we quickly obtained highly accurate, detailed travel data that is difficult to pull from traditional data sources."

Dewan Karim, Sr. Transportation Planner, City of Toronto

The City of Toronto

Discover how the City of Toronto used StreetLight InSight for two multimodal planning studies.

"With StreetLight InSight, it was possible for us to 'go back in time' to gather information that we had no other way to access."

Wendy Tao, Head of Smart Cities Portfolio, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems

Napa Valley Transportation Authority

Find out how Napa Valley and Fehr & Peers used Big Data to measure external and internal trip volumes and origin-destination patterns.

"Using StreetLight InSight Metrics in our RFP responses means more successful pursuits. They help us answer highly challenging technical or policy questions with confidence.”

Mike Wallace, Principal, Fehr & Peers

San Diego Association of Governments

See how StreetLight InSight helped SANDAG to evaluate the impact of new toll on a major highlight on travel behavior and optimize pricing.

"With intuitive Metrics, we can better engage the public and decision-makers in scenario planning to make sure we serve communities in the best way possible."

Eric Sundquist, Director, State Smart Transportation Initiative

Virginia Department of Transportation

Find out how planners in Northern Virginia used StreetLight InSight to identify new ways of reducing travel demand in highly congested areas.

"I loved working with StreetLight Data's analytics at my last job, and I'm interested in using them again in my new role at VHB."


Tim Preece, Transportation Planning Manager, VHB

The City of Lafayette

Discover how planners in the City of Lafayette used StreetLight InSight to first identify the causes of congestion downtown, then create a shortlist of potential mitigation tactics.


"With StreetLight Data's analytics, we could make predictions about travel behavior even though we did not have a travel demand model."

Luis Alvergue, PE, Transportation Engineer, Arcadis

"Using StreetLight InSight, we now have the ability to collect up-to-date mobility data for any project, no matter the size."

Nick Donohue, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation

Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments

Find out how SEMCOG used StreetLight InSight analytics in combination with other resources to build a regional travel demand model from a large sample of data.

"We chose StreetLight Data for our Lafayette project because their Metrics deliver important origin-destination insights that are not easily captured through traditional data collection methods.”

Mike Iswalt, Associate, Arup

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