Easy Analytics Dashboard to Refine Your EV Charging Infrastructure Plan

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Electric vehicle adoption is rising in the U.S., with considerable federal attention and funding directed towards electrification. But to make EVs a viable choice for drivers, America needs a nationwide network of charging stations located in places where people live, work, and travel.

StreetLight has created this EV dashboard to demonstrate how data and analytics can guide decision-making about charging infrastructure. This provides a high-level view of which areas within a given region may be most suitable for installing new charging stations.

The dashboard shows gaps in the existing EV charging network. The location of these gaps depends on what you want to prioritize: Level 2 networks, which recharge vehicles over longer time periods; or super-fast Level 3 networks, to support long-distance travelers? Is the goal to make charging accessible for existing EV drivers, for low-income populations, or for long-haul trucking? The dashboard offers several potential goals that public agencies or private companies may want to consider. 

To use the dashboard, select an optimization goal and an area of interest. The map and charts will update to indicate gaps in the current charging network.

We developed our own approach to defining these different types of gaps, based on our own expertise and research about EVs. Others may have their own definitions or seek new types of gaps to analyze. Please get in touch if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to work on a map for your own priorities.

This dashboard is powered by StreetLight Data’s proprietary movement data, coupled with additional datasets about EV ownership, demographics, and more.

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