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Transportation industry’s most comprehensive metrics, validated by our customers

Proven metrics, used in all contiguous United States*, Canada and Mexico

Used in all top 25 MSAs in the U.S. and top 15 MSAs in Canada, StreetLight’s data has been validated against public, external sources incl. permanent sensors, household surveys, license plates, bluetooth scanning, and the Census. Additional validations with clients and partners using private data also support the quality of our Metrics.

* Projects in all lower 48 states; 
   Data not available in Hawaii and Alaska



Monthly transportation analyses



Coverage of Traffic Analysis Zones

Vehicular Metrics validation

Our AADT metrics have been validated by 10,700+ permanent counts across the U.S. with an R2 of .98 and 1,300+ permanent counts across Canada with an R2 of .98. Both absolute and root mean square error rates for our AADT exceed industry targets.

AADT Validation Whitepaper

Bike and pedestrian Metrics validation

We’ve compared our metrics to permanent bike and pedestrian counters in San Francisco’s monitoring program, one of the most comprehensive in the U.S.  The density of trip activity matches our expectations of bike and walk activity across the city.

Our metrics continue to be validated repeatedly against independent public and private data sets, incl. counters from a multi-county agency managing a network of trails and paths. For both bike and pedestrian data we see high R² values.

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Reliable Big Data metrics depend on complex machine learning that trains StreetLight’s proprietary algorithms, with validation a critical component of wide adoption.

We invite you to explore our whitepapers, share them with your stakeholders, and take part in our journey to bring on-demand empirical data to North America’s transportation decisions.

Turning Movements White Paper
Enriching Household Travel Surveys with Big Data
AADT White Paper
Active Mode Methodology & Validation

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