Our Data Provides Useful Insights For:

Transportation Professionals

Use StreetLight InSight to run core analyses like Origin-Destination and Select Link anywhere in the US and Canada in moments.

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Smart City Leaders

Shift the paradigm for designing and monitoring transportation services and access using the power of our persistent, diagnostic Travel Metrics.

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Retail & Real Estate Analysts

Get insights into the true trade areas, travel between key locations, and more for your current, future, and competitive properties anywhere in North America.

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Product & Technology

StreetLight's proprietary technology provides easy access to insights on mobility behavior.


Visualize Travel Projects

StreetLight InSight®

In just a few seconds, StreetLight provides dynamic analytics about who goes nearly anywhere in the country. These insights help transportation planners, governments, and retailers to enhance transportation engineering, urban planning, retail siting, and marketing decisions.

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Create Retail Maps

Technology & Data

StreetLight harnesses the power of Big Data from anonymous mobile devices to measure mobility patterns across the United States. Instead of wasting time with messy and disparate spatial data, we provide contextual Metrics for the real world.

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Retail Site Selection

You can no longer assume that people will only shop near where they live. Over the past 50 years, new factors have changed shopping travel times and distances. StreetLight gives retailers concrete analytics of the true trade area and characteristics of their own sites, new sites, and competitor sites.

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Transportation Engineering

StreetLight provides empirical insights about the movement of people through neighborhoods, cities and regions. StreetLight's analytics can be used for origin/destination analyses, travel demand modeling, monitoring changes in travel patterns over time, and much more.

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Urban Planning

StreetLight can provide urban planners with Metrics about commute behavior, tourism, and travel patterns in cities across the country.

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Commercial Real Estate

Property owners make big investment decisions on small amounts of data. StreetLight changes that by providing analytics about properties across the country, giving owners new insight into behavior at potential acquisition sites, competitive sites, and their own current investments.

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