Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) count data for 4.5 million miles of roadway

StreetLight AADT covers nearly every road in the U.S. and Canada, providing traffic estimates for all road segment types, including highways, low-volume, and recently developed roads. Get more granular with monthly and hourly counts. Our on-demand Metrics include:

  • AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic)
  • AAHT (Annual Average Hourly Traffic)
  • MADT (Monthly Average Daily Traffic)

AADT 2021 for the U.S. is now available


StreetLight was contracted by the Federal Highway Administration to
investigate how Big Data can be used to estimate AADT

StreetLight collaborated with FHWA, 18 state DOTs, and academics to evaluate how Big Data can significantly reduce AADT costs to state DOTs and MPOs and improve coverage of up-to-date traffic counts. Results from this study informed StreetLight’s AADT methodology.

View the compiled research report, “Non-Traditional Methods to Obtain Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Evaluation and Analysis.” Download the report here.


Defensible and validated AADT 2021 U.S. Metrics help advance projects and fulfill several federal funding opportunities

Over the past few years, Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in the U.S. have used StreetLight’s AADT Metrics to meet their federal reporting requirements, including Highway Performance Reporting System (HPMS). Cities and MPOs can utilize AADT 2021 Metrics to fill data gaps and boost their infrastructure grant applications. With AADT 2021 Metrics, you can:

1. Get validated traffic counts that meet industry accuracy targets on all road sizes

2. Obtain up-to-date traffic estimates based on recent Census 2020 geographies

3. Capture insights for newly developed roads

4. Analyze traffic growth trends by comparing recent and historical AADT traffic counts



Limitations of traditional methods

  • Time-consuming process of data collection, analysis, and approval
  • Expensive 
  • Lack of geographic coverage and seasonality issues
  • Safety hazards with staff in the field
  • Fails to capture seasonal traffic

Benefits of StreetLight AADT

  • Available on demand, on your desktop
  • Cost-effective with traffic counts available for a whole region
  • Counts available for nearly all road segments, including rural roads
  • 100% safe alternative
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual counts
  • Ability to compare recent and historical AADT for trend analysis
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Limitations of traditional methods

  • Months for approval, data collection and analysis
  • Limited scale
  • Staff in harm’s way
  • No accounting for seasonal traffic


Benefits of StreetLight AADT

  • Available on demand, on your desktop
  • Counts available state-wide, province-wide
  • 100% safe alternative
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual counts
  • AADT estimates surpass temporary count expansion accuracy targets

StreetLight AADT Validation

StreetLight AADT Validation
  • StreetLight’s latest AADT Metrics are validated with nearly 3,000 permanent counter data points across the U.S. and 2,500+ permanent counter data points across Canada
  • R2 of 0.98 for the U.S. and R2 of 0.97 for Canada
  • StreetLight’s AADT values correlate very closely with AADT values from permanent counters
U.S. AADT WhitepaperCanada AADT Whitepaper

Get AADT, AAHT and MADT counts for 8 or 80,000 locations and more

From a few counts for a traffic impact study...

  • Get traffic counts for all intersections around the project area
  • Estimate how a proposed project impacts existing traffic conditions
  • Go back in time to measure impact by looking at hourly, daily, or weekly counts for specific dates counts all across your state or province

  • Quickly and easily calculate VMT
  • Leverage counts to plan for  Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) investments
  • Fulfill HPMS and MIRE reporting requirements
  • Determine crash rates
  • Calculate the level of service for planning or design analysis


Tulsa MPO Fills Traffic Count Gaps

When jurisdictions in an Oklahoma MPO’s regions stopped collecting counts, StreetLight provided complete and reliable AADT metrics for the entire area.


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