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First and only platform to measure all modes in one place.

We use proprietary machine learning to differentiate bikes and pedestrians from vehicular traffic. Identify where active transportation happens most, target where investments can boost activity, and measure the impact of your decisions — right from your desktop!

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StreetLight mobility essentials now for bike and pedestrian traffic!

Origin Destination

Origin Destination

Trip volume between and within zones to identify demand

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Route alternatives to measure success of current infrastructure

Trip Attributes

Trip Attributes

Travel distance, time, speed to address safety, and congestion

Traveler Attributes

Traveler Attributes

Demographics, trip purpose to ensure access to affordable options

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Success Story: Bike-Ped Infrastructure Investment Analysis

Viewable travel patterns and multiple metrics allow for developing equitable, multi-objective criteria to identify bicycle and pedestrian movements throughout California, to support prioritization for new active transportation infrastructure investments.

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StreetLight Active Mode Methodology, Data Sources and Validation

Go in-depth on our approach, compare our results with permanent bike counts and more.


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