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We harness connected devices to measure vehicle, transit, bike, and foot traffic virtually anywhere. Use our software to get counts, O-D, and other transportation metrics — for any road or area.

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StreetLight is your platform for on-demand transportation metrics

Origin-Destination for multiple modes

Get hourly O-D data for motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians for any geographic zone, from entire cities to city blocks to individual roads or intersections.

Volume, speed, duration, and more

Need AADT or congestion Metrics for a local traffic study? How about for a whole region? Our on-demand Metrics are available 24/7.

Demographics and social equity

Struggling to collect robust survey data or constituent input? Use income, race, and other demographic metrics overlaid on mobility activity to ensure equitable access.

See how Canada’s transportation experts use StreetLight

COVID-19 Impact on Montreal Traffic

Revealing COVID-19’s Impact on Montreal Traffic


Revamping a Legacy Transit Plan in Ontario

Mississauga Downtown Movement Plan

Developing Mississauga’s Downtown Movement Plan


Multimodal Planning in the City of Toronto


Traditional data informs peak hours and key streets only – but cities run around the clock on all streets. StreetLight provides comprehensive 24/7/365 data to understand mobility patterns for all roads, all modes, all times.


Research and white papers

Making the Case for Bus Infrastructure

To encourage multimodal alternatives to personal vehicles and increase transportation efficiency, Vancouver’s TransLink needed to prove the value of bus service and show how strong bus ridership was compared to vehicle activity.

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Bike Lane Study

The Bike Lane Effect: How Infrastructure Drives Impact — A Big Data Study

How can you best assess bike infrastructure’s impact? See how a before-and-after study in Waterloo, Ontario reveals important ridership impact trends.

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All Vehicles CA whitepaper

StreetLight Canada All Vehicles Volume Methodology and Validation

Learn about the methodology, algorithm development, validation, and data sources used in StreetLight Data’s Volume output for Canada.

AADT CA 2020 whitepaper

StreetLight 2020 AADT Methodology and Validation

See how we developed our AADT metric for Canada, including algorithm development, validation, and data sources.

Canadian Pandemic Travel

A Year of Canadian Pandemic Travel

StreetLight’s Canadian pandemic travel analysis reveals where VKT recovered the most, recent changes to commuting patterns, an equity study, and more national, provincial, and city trends.

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Methodology and Data Whitepaper Cover

Our Methodology and Data Sources

This white paper describes the data sources and methodology employed by StreetLight Data to develop travel pattern metrics. This document is relevant for all StreetLight InSight® Metrics, whether they are available via the StreetLight InSight® platform, via data API, or via custom delivery.

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AADT Canada White Paper

StreetLight AADT 2019 Canada Methodology and Validation White Paper

When you’re looking for up-to-date AADT counts in your Canadian provinces, turn to StreetLight to get quick, easy, cost-effective AADT measures. Our 2019 Metric is an update to our previously released 2018 Metric, and it continues to outperform industry standards.

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Evaluating Bicycle Traffic in the Financial District of Toronto

How does bike traffic move on six key streets in Toronto’s financial district? When Queen’s University students wanted to compare traffic patterns in areas with existing bike lanes and evaluate whether more bike lanes should be built nearby, they turned to StreetLight InSight®. Read about their detailed observations based on using our platform.

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StreetLight news in Canada

Toronto Star

Midland Council Taps StreetLight for Help With Traffic Calming Plan

In a long-awaited traffic calming policy report, Midland, Ontario council members recommend using StreetLight Insight to pinpoint high-priority roadways.


Innovative Data Uses in Urban Planning

Canadian Geographic explored how smartphone and other location data are finding applications in specific Canada’s cities.


Deploying New Mobility

Team StreetLight Canada is excited to see micro mobility options expand in Edmonton. We’ve powered Spin’s data program for safer and more livable urban infrastructure since 2019 – discover how else New Mobility providers use our Metrics to prioritize areas for deployment.


StreetLight Opens Canada Office, Eyes Border Traffic

StreetLight has identified congested border crossings between the U.S. and Canada as possible areas where improved planning could mitigate traffic.


StreetLight Expands Traffic Counts to Canada

StreetLight now provides on-demand traffic volumes for more than 4.5 million miles of Canadian and U.S. roadway. The counts outperform industry standard validation targets.


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