Mall Shopper Mobility Report

StreetLight Data created this first annual Mall Shopper Mobility Report to show...

Key patterns associated with shoppers to 5,369 major malls and shopping centers across the U.S. We developed the patterns by using data derived from over 70 billion data records, taken from mobile devices, detailed maps, and more.



With a standardized set of core Metrics for almost all the identified retail properties in the U.S., we have created scores that quickly and intuitively convey important patterns associated with individual locations and regions. Based on conversations with retail and real estate industry leaders, we created four scores:

  1. Neighborhood Shopper Score: the presence of shoppers who live within 3 miles;
  2. Regional Shopper Score: the presence of shoppers living over 25 miles away;
  3. Workplace-Centric Shopper Score: the presence of shoppers working within 3 miles;
  4. Income Swing Score: How much more (or less) wealthy a property’s shoppers are than the nearby residents, defined as people who live within 3 miles.

We also created national benchmarks and benchmarks for every state, which allows for region-to-region comparison, as well as comparisons between individual properties and regional standards.

To see if a paricular mall is included, or to see the shape constituting the mall/center, click here

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