M2: Our Multimodal Measurement Initiative

We're helping transportation professionals measure every mode with the power of Big Data.

Every Mode of Transportation Counts

Technology is changing the way we travel. Modes of transportation that did not exist five years ago are now common.  Older modes like bicycles are surging in popularity thanks to bike shares and protected lanes. Prioritizing vehicle trips for data collection no longer makes sense for transportation planning.

In multimodal networks, every mode counts - but not every mode is counted. Measuring modes like biking, walking, ride sharing and transit with conventional data collection methods is difficult. In fact, it's usually impossible at a comprehensive scale. That's why we launched the M2 Initiative.


Planning for a Multimodal Future

New modes and way-finding tools are already changing travel patterns in our communities. To accurately forecast future travel demand, we need real-world data that measures every mode of transportation. Without it, cities and states will be maintaining, managing and optimizing their transportation networks for the past – not the future.

It's Time to Take Action

We're pushing the transportation planning practice forward with our new M2 Initiative - and we need your help to move quickly. Now that we have begun delivering multimodal analyses to select early adopters, we're ready to expand the M2 Working Group.

To join as an early-adopter client, you must have a project in summer or early fall 2018 that requires multimodal data analytics. Our goal is to increase the number of validation studies for our multimodal analytics before we release them publicly in late 2018. Early adopter partners can include:

  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Private transportation firms
  • Multimodal data providers

Join the M2 Working Group

Fill out the form below to get started. While space in our working group is limited, we encourage all who are interested to get in touch with us.  Emphasis will be given to organizations that have calibration or validation data available.