By: Laura Schewel on September 20th, 2016

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Our New Data Partnership with Cuebiq

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I’m excited to share that StreetLight Data has officially announced its new data partnership with Cuebiq, a next generation location intelligence company. As a result of this partnership, StreetLight’s total device sample size will increase to more than 30M devices – that represents over 10% of the adult US population.

Cuebiq’s data is generated by mobile applications that use Location-Based Services (LBS). This means that Cuebiq data will enable us to measure activities – when people are being still – which is the perfect complement to our data partner INRIX’s ability to measure trips – when people are on the move. Although LBS data is not quite as spatially precise as GPS data because it uses Wi-Fi and assisted GPS (AGPS) instead of true GPS, its spatial precision is generally better than 50 meters. This is far more precise than cellular data’s 300+ meter average. Cuebiq’s sample size is also comparable to many telcos.

Cuebiq’s LBS data will help StreetLight develop more granular and complex activity-based Metrics – think Home, Work, and Other trip purpose Metrics and beyond. We’re also exploring this data as a next-generation normalization input, and I’m excited to see where our research takes us.

We’re thrilled to partner with Cuebiq, and not only because their data will help us develop richer, more comprehensive mobility Metrics. From the beginning, Cuebiq impressed us with a commitment to privacy protection that matches our own. Our hope is that our partnership helps to drive the entire Big Data industry to embrace our high standards for protecting consumers.

To read the full announcement, click here.


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